Do you or a family member have special needs?

Are you..

  • Feeling frustrated, alone, or overwhelmed?
  • Having difficulty coping?
  • Dealing with challenging behaviours?
  • Worried about your/their future?
  • Lacking in choice, support, or understanding?
  • Looking for experienced help?
  • Looking for a more meaningful relationship – other than paid persons?

You are not alone, we are here to help!

person with special needs and father

Supportive Options & Solutions

Specializing in assisting persons and families with special needs with a caring and family-centred approach.

We help: 

  • Create a positive behavior support plan.
  • Teach life skills & social-emotional abilities.
  • Collaborate with other professionals to design and implement strategies into daily life, within the home and the community.
  • Aid in transitioning from child to adulthood.

We listen, get to know your needs, then:

  • Identify and build on strengths.
  • Deliver direct interventions that are appropriate to your lifestyle.
  • Teach new skills with dignity and respect.
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Behavioural Interventions

Behavior is learned and can be unlearned.

Challenging behaviors can interfere with opportunities and the capacity to participate in and be included in valued everyday activities.

We can work with you to create a functional approach to change difficult behaviors. We start by identifying the reason and message behind the behavior, then create a positive behavior support plan that is easy to incorperate into your lifestyle.

Supportive Options & Solutions

Supportive Options & Solutions (SOS) was developed by Nellie Krombach after 15 years experience working with families with special needs in schools & homes in the North Thompson region.

As a special needs consultant, Nellie will bring her skills and experience to the comfort of your own home where she will:

  • Listen, offer encouragement, and provide support.
  • Work collaboratively with you and other involved professionals in a multi-disciplinary team approach to design an individualized family service plan. This single, comprehensive plan will be individually tailored to suit your family’s needs and lifestyle.
  • Help you implement this plan with your family member into daily life, at home, and in the community. SOS family service plans are easy to understand and follow, and focus on the positive.

Nellie and her staff are known for the warm and supportive way they teach appropriate social behaviours, anger management, sex education, communication skills, and personal hygiene to those with special needs. They creatively encourage emotional growth while teaching important life skills.

Nellie Krombach has worked extensively in the North Thompson for more than 15 years, developing programs to assist people with disabilities and their families. She has created many independent and semi-independent living plans for individuals with special needs and is experienced at helping families resolve issues. Nellie is a certified infant development/supported child care consultant (UBC) and has completed a wide range of additional training through the Justice Institute, Cornell University, Open Learning Agency, UCC (TRU), and Behavioral Interventions; Douglas College. This training includes mediation, crisis intervention, and conflict resolution.

Nellie Krombach special needs consultant

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