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Family-focused solutions for persons and families with special needs and their trusted health care providers.

Disability Tax Credits

Are you eligible for a disability tax credit OR have you applied and been denied? Find out how SOS can help both families and medical professionals successfully apply.

Persons & Families with Special Needs

We provide service to persons that have learning disabilities and their families. We help plan for tomorrow while living today.

About Supportive Options & Solutions

After years of working in the Social Service field, SOS Supportive Options & Solutions has evolved since it’s initial conception in 2004. Nellie has worked hard to develop innovative programs and support systems for her clients over the years. 

“My constant driving force through my career and business is to look for ways to help fulfill the needs and dreams of my clients. I thrive on advocating for my client’s greatest benefits and strive to go above and beyond what was required to reach higher.”    

Her work with special needs clients and their families naturally led to suggesting to apply for the Disability Tax Credit. Unfortunately, they would often continuously apply and be denied over and over. Nellie started her own research study to discover what factors determined an applicant’s success or denial.

In 2011 Nellie became a Disability Tax Credit Specialist, which allowed her to assist her clients and their medical professionals to submit successful applications. By assembling a dedicated & caring team that continues to study and adapt to the continuously changing requirements for Disability Tax Credit applications, SOS is able to provide clients with the most up-to-date information. Nellie and her team, combine their knowledge and expertise to ensure the highest level of success, which reduces time and frustration when submitting applications.  

SOS Supportive Options & Solutions is proud to now offer personal, professional, and streamlined successful Disability Tax Credit services in addition to family support services. 

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