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DTC Retainer Form


The person signing below are:

The Applicant has been preliminarily assessed by SOS Supportive Options & Solutions (SOS), who believes the Applicant’s medical condition could meet the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requirements for their disability tax credit programs.

The Receiver is a supportive family member, who has been identified as the possible receiver of the potential refund.

The Applicant and/or Receiver agree:  

  1. To retain SOS to make an application to CRA for any Disability Tax Credit (DTC) and entitled refund for the years to
  2. To pay any medical fees and any taxation calculation related to the said application;
  3. If CRA determines the applicant NOT eligible for refund the applicant and/or receiver do not pay any fees to SOS.
  4. If CRA determines applicant and/or receiver eligible after receiving CRA refund pay SOS a fee (the “Fee”) Additional terms with respect to the fee are:
    1. The percentage is 25% of the Refund;
    2. The Refund will only include any refund or benefit granted for the year and all appropriate preceding years that SOS submits an application to CRA;
    3. Should Applicant's Disability Tax Credit be determined eligible after the income tax season, SOS will include in the refund for that preceding tax year;
    4. The Refund shall include any interest paid or payable to the Applicant and/or Receiver by CRA for the Refund;
    5. In addition to the Fee, the Applicant and/or Receiver shall pay SOS any Goods and Services Tax (GST), Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) or Provincial Sales Tax (PST) that may apply.
  5. To inform SOS promptly of any payment made by the CRA in regards to the Refund.
  6. To pay the SOS Fee by certified cheque or money order without delay to SOS via Express Post or by email transfer which will be agreed upon by SOS and the Applicant and/or Receiver.


SOS Supportive Options & Solutions LTD. agrees:

  1. To treat all information regarding the Applicant and/or Receiver in strictest confidence and will take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of such information.
  2. To complete an application to CRA in a fair, proper, ethical and professional manner for the Applicant with:
    1. Circumstances, medical condition and relevant background;
    2. Entitlement to claim under the disability tax credit programs; and
    3. Entitlement to any resulting refunds.
  3. However, SOS cannot provide guarantees that the Applicant’s application will be approved eligible by CRA as they and they alone rule on the merits of each case.



  1. The Applicant hereby grants SOS Supportive Options & Solutions LTD. (SOS) authority:
    1. To represent them while working on Applicant's behalf from the date of signing this Agreement and agrees to promptly send any correspondence and/or refunds received during the period of this agreement to SOS for reply or deposits as necessary.
    2. To act as Representative in related to the Applicant’s Disability Tax Credit (DTC) application.
    3. To contact the Applicant’s health professional in relation to the DTC application.
    4. To access Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf


Additional Terms:

  1. SOS reserves the right to cancel this Agreement.
  2. This Agreement contains the whole agreement and will remain until completed OR changes are agreed and signed between all parties involved.
  3. This Agreement will legally bind anyone such as heirs or legal representatives who replace either party.


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Signed by Nellie Krombach
Signed On: September 22, 2021

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